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Friday, February 25, 2011

Weight loss Diets Don't Work , This is Extreme

A Review of an Article by a Mr. Taube's on How diets do not work , in this article which I saw printed in Reader;s Digest suggest that diets do not work, Mr. Taubes is an expert in physics and a Harvard Graduate, and he will inform you that we need to eat as we do ,a do, and just do not over eat as many of us do. He is quite specific on not eating vegetables that are grown in the ground , because of the starch content, and fruit juices are not healthy as  he explains , his theories , I have to say a good article even though I wrote it. It makes you wonder all these years we have just been beating ourselves up. He goes on to explain how exercise actually makes us more hungry and that it is short term, well we knew that one already. I hope you enjoy the link and I will be back to update this site in few days. I hope all made it through the Valentine's day without over doing it, yet that's what the holiday is for.lol
Christopher Hyer 2.25.2011

Monday, February 7, 2011

Valentines and Weight Problems, and Online Dating Free

Valentine's Day and weight loss , are all so hard on women and men , yet for the majority of women , they seem to go about it as if its a disease, and it is. I am glad to see overweight women, and men on online free dating sites, there are a bunch of men whom find that weight is not really and Issue when it comes to online dating, Yet I know how frustrating I can be on myself if I am not into tip top shape, and that's usually around Valentine's day , I think its because of Christmas and the other holidays seem to coincide with Chocolate, and man do I love chocolate. Yet Don't frown if your overweight, I ve see hundreds of pictures from Plenty of Fish, The free online dating site , that are overweight people enjoying whom they are, just a little bit of workout a day may help. Here are some new videos on my site to maybe help out your Valentine's week, Until next time, Have a good day and enjoy life as you have it. Christopher Hyer 2.7.2011

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Weight Loss extreme's See Below

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